Business Division

Apart from the wholesales trading ,the company ventured into food and grocery retail sectors and subsequently expanded its presence across the country with three formats with Supermarkets,General markets and Hypermarkets. There are currently 4 Supermarkets ,2 General Markets and 3 Hypermarkets in UAE.We aim to offer a shopping experience that delivers unbeatable value and quality.Our Vision is to be the most engaging and innovative retail network in the United Arab Emirates making a difference in the lives of customers Everyday!
 Freshness has always been a prime focus area and a competitive strength for Baniyas Spike Supermarkets and Hypermarkets . We believe in offering the freshest of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat & poultry products, sourced locally .
 Baniyas Spike retail sector has always been focused on providing the best value to its customers. Exclusive offers & best prices give our customers more than one reason to come back for more. Whether it is about daily needs at guaranteed lowest prices, savings on special products under Super Savers Offers. Technological advancements are shaping the retail industry in an inspiring way and we focus on deploying the right technology to enhance the overall shopping experience.
 We believe it is the powerful combination of all our services & the convenience we provide to our customers, which makes them come back every time. Our goal is to help our customers and their families to enjoy a healthier life, by spending less, and smiling more!